360 is a new and quickly rising industry for online advertising presence and social media promotions. We can help you build amazing content and create interactive 360 videos that will have your customers watching, listening, but most important, interacting. We can keep them engaged for longer period of time so you can get more of you message out.

360 Degree Videos

This is a new style of viewing online. 360 allows you to show everything in the picture. You are not just showing and image, but able to feel the whole setting of the video. It will keep you engaged longer and wanting more. This allows for a viewer to click on the image and move the view in any direction enabling a 360 degree field. It essentially takes the view inside of the picture with unlimited field of sight.

Interactive Social Media

Social media is an ever expanding platform that directly reaches consumers and 360 videos will keep you watching longer and wanting to see more. We can interact with people in a new way. Tell them to follow you around the screen, display multiple products and promotions and gain more time to get your message out. 360 allows for  a whole area to look at not just an image.
Give them a reason to look and they will.

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Events and Virtual Memories

36o degree spherical photography is changing the way people view content online. These videos/photos can capture memories that allow you to view the rest of the picture and get more of the feeling through the surroundings. I have found that just like 360 videos, 360 photos allow you to freeze that perfect moment, but also give you so much more to look at than a still image or fixed angle.